Tuna a la Bun | Recipe + Photos

Hey Everyone! Thank you for tuning in as always! 🙂
Today’s post features another food recipe. Food Friday… YAY! DSC01950For this easy to make recipe, you’ll need the following items on hand
along with a bowl and can opener:
olive oil
dill pickles
pitted olives
tomato paste
hamburger buns
chick peas/ garbanzo beans
DSC01951DSC01952 DSC01953This is an incredibly fast lunch or dinner fix and it tastes yummy. I personally dislike seafood, with the exception of shrimp.. but this recipe makes eating tuna enjoyable since we’ve added ingredients with flavor. DSC01954HOW TO:

  1. place your bowl and your cutting board nearby
  2. open all of the cans using the can opener
  3. drain the water from the chick peas, tuna, and olives
  4. empty the tuna into the bowl
  5. finely chop 10 dill pickles
  6. chop a handful of olives into small pieces
  7. now add the chick peas and the chopped up olives & pickles into the bowl
  8. mix the ingredients together & add olive oil along with salt & pepper for added flavor.
  9. now, you’ll need 3 table spoons of the tomato paste.
  10. add olive oil to the tomato paste and mix well to create the sauce.
  11. you’re now ready to spread the tomato sauce onto the hamburger buns.
  12. after you have the sauce on your bun, apply the tuna mix.
  13. fill up all your buns… I was able to fit 8 on a platter. pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees and bake for 20 minutes.
    DSC01955here i’ve added the sauce to the buns DSC01957  and i’ve now added the tuna mix to the buns.
    DSC01965place the buns into your oven rack for 20 minutes @ 325 degrees.
    DSC01966ok. 20 minutes are over. time to eat:)
    DSC01968I hope you all give this quick and easy recipe a try. If you try it, let me know 🙂 If you changed it up, let me know what you left out or added. Until next time, xoxo!

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