Mani Monday ~ Essie ‘Ladylike’ – Photos & Review!

Hey Everyone! Thank you for tuning in as always! 🙂
Today’s post features a nail polish from Essie!
DSC01786So I figured this post deserves a background story. I’m the type of girl you will RARELY find at a nail salon getting her nails done. But on the rare occasion, rare meaning once a year (if that, lol) it’s probably because my nails need a little extra TLC… tender, love & care. I will walk out with a french tip mani on my natural nails. I’ve only every had acrylics once in my life for my aunt’s wedding. So yeah, pretty low maintenance when it comes to my nails.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t go out and purchase nail polish and do my own nails.. because that’s exactly what I do. I went to cosmetology school so I know how to push my cuticle, file, and clip nails. Like many of you, I save by not going to the nail salon. I’m basic 🙂 Who cares?DSC01792

I’ve recently been trying to venture out and try different colors, so I decided to pick up ‘ladylike’ from Essie. This nail polish retails for $8.50 and is well worth the price in my opinion. I just got up to go and count my Essie polishes and I have 16! Yeah for having choices!! ‘Ladylike’ is a BEAUTIFUL mauve shade. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the shade on my skin tone, but the compliments I always get makes me love it now! I love how it’s a color that I can wear any time of the year. It’s an elegant and proper shade, if that makes any sense. This is a great color for a job interview now that I think about it. Simplicity at its finest.DSC01791 DSC01793I apply a base coat from CND, one coat of this nail polish, a top coat from CND and it lasts about a week and a half before even chipping. However, I like to change up my nail polish weekly because I do color hair and with my constant blogging and testing products, changing up my manicure keeps it fun and interesting. I highly recommend that you apply a base coat and top coat if you want your manicure to last at least a week. DSC01789 DSC01795

PROS: long-wearing, great color selection, no streaks, beautiful shine.

CONS:  none.

PRICE: $8.50



FTC:  This nail polish was purchased by me. I am not obligated to write this review, nor do I get paid to do so– I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for reading. Xo!

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