Food Friday | Eating Healthy with Graze- Photos & Review :)

Hey Everyone 🙂
Today’s post features a new favorite for me from GRAZE!

So here I am with my Graze 8 pack sampler of yummy snacks! For those of you who don’t know me, I love to snack, but mostly junk food, until about a year ago. I keep the occasional junk food to a minimum now. I love that these snacks are HEALTHY and TASTY. These delicious snacks are 150 calories or less, non-GMO, and no transfats. DSC01374I love that these snacks can be delivered to your door, whether you want them delivered to your house or place of employment. With over 100 different recipes, graze handpicks based on what you “like” or “don’t like” on the site. These snacks are perfect for school, work, & on the go! DSC01377Graze offers a 4 snack variety box and delivers it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly nationwide at a cost of $6.99 or the 8 snack variety box contains double the snacks, and a great deal at only $11.99 🙂 I’m already signed up for the 2nd box. Get your FREE box using the code ‘ ARTIST ‘

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