Sensor Mirror from Simple Human- Photos & Review :)

Hey Everyone! Thank you for tuning in!
Today’s review is my latest obsession‚Ķ the Sensor Mirror¬†from Simple Human.
This review was HIGHLY requested, so here it is ūüôāDSC00621
Pictured here is the Simple Human Sensor Mirror. This is the 5x Vanity Mirror.
This is what the mirror looks like as you approach it.
And this is what the mirror looks like as it sits on your table, vanity…
wherever you choose to place it. DSC00612
This right here is the AMAZING 8″ Sensor Mirror. This phenomenal mirror will automatically light up as you bring your face towards it. The light closely resembles natural sunlight, so you get to see what your make-up looks like in good lighting, even at 11pm before leaving the house. What I love most about this sensor mirror is that it is CORDLESS. An adaptor & USB cord is included with your purchase and each charge will last you about 5 weeks; perfect for travel!

DSC00777Measures 9″ diameter x 18″ H, comes with a cleaning cloth, lights up as your face approaches the mirror, you don’t have to touch any buttons, beautiful &¬†durable stainless-steel body, the sensor mirror tilts back fully so you can adjust it to your comfortability, and the height it adjustable as well. This mirror does have a power switch on the bottom/base of the mirror, so press it to activate the mirror, and if you want to conserve the charge, you can turn it off, or just keep it on.¬†DSC00779

DSC00780And now, time for my personal thoughts about this 8″, 5x magnification sensor mirror‚Ķ I simply love it! When I approach the mirror, I can literally see everything. After washing my face and moisturizing, I come to my make-up table & start applying my make-up. If I have streaks from applying my foundation with a brush, I see it all in the mirror & I can fix it real quick. I LOVE that I can see my eyebrows up close and be able to tweeze the stray hairs. There is a 5 year warranty, so the investment is definitely worth it– trust me! My dad is obsessed, he wants one for shaving lol, we can throw in some humor right. I’m definitely thinking of getting him the 10x mini sensor mirror.
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.35.04 PM

PROS: cordless, 5 year warranty, resembles natural lighting, LOVE it!
CONS: maybe a lil’ too¬†pricey, but it’s an AMAZING investment!
PRICE: $200
AVAILABILITY: Simple Human, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sephora 
RATING: 4.9/5

FTC:  This mirror was sent for review consideration. I am not obligated to write this review, nor do I get paid to do so. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for reading. Xo!

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