Spring 2015 Trends w/ Neiman Marcus! ❤

Hi Loves! It’s Fashion Friday, grab a snack & let’s begin!


So, let’s start off by saying that this season is all about Bohemian style fashion, commonly referred to as “boho.” Basically, really laid back clothing, braids, hats, sandals, jewelry— and tons of it! Dresses– say yes to midi’s and maxi’s. Did you say jumpsuit or romper? We say yes! You might want to consider buying some new sunnies for the season too!

DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00064

Spring has sprung– spice & everything nice 🙂
Yup, these bright colors are so in. Think spices, just not salt n’ pepper. We’re talking about paprika, cayenne, saffron… you get the point right? I know black was the new black, but orange is the new black currently. Long layered necklaces are a MUST! It’s what’s trending on the runway– so try to add these colors into your spring wardrobe!

DSC00068 DSC00072 DSC00075

I think there is always room to talk about shoes & purses.
Fringe is most definitely in this season!

DSC00079 DSC00080  DSC00086 DSC00089 DSC00092

^ I am obsessed with the rainbow shopping tote from Fendi, pictured on the left.

DSC00097  DSC00083

Rings! 🙂 Do you see what eye see? Yes, layer up on those rings!

DSC00103 DSC00104  DSC00107

Aside from this model being oh so cute— a girl can dream 😉 I must say that he looks very well put together in white! Do not be afraid to wear all white this season! You can rock it!

DSC00111 DSC00114 DSC00116

And here are some more lovely looks put together! LOVE!

I cannot wait to add some bright & fun colors into my wardrobe this season! Fringe, rings, midi’s & maxi’s, white, heels or sandals– we have so much to choose from! What trend are you loving most? Let me know what you can’t wait to wear 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone! xox


With Love,

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