Framar International :) Foils, gloves & more!

Hey readers 🙂
Today’s review features amazing quality foils and gloves from Framar International.

IMG_9791 IMG_9790
IMG_9780 IMG_9779 IMG_9778 IMG_9777 IMG_9775 IMG_9772 IMG_9771

Check out their website: 🙂

* If you’re a cosmetologist– or just someone who loves doing their own hair.. this is for you! I decided to try this on several clients and made sure to take some photos! the durability of these foils is so on point! I used to be a user of the Salon Care foils.. yet I would always have to dedicate at least 15 minutes to taking the foils out of the box and then cutting them in half and folding them. Framar International makes it easy for you and I. They have many different sizes of foils to choose from, as well as many different colors. They also carry gloves and the classic wet brush. Check them out & save money while you’re at it!

securedownloadHere I show you a before, during and after picture using the foils 🙂 looks fun, right. You bet!

FTC:  These foils were sent to me for review consideration. I am not obligated to write this review, nor do I get paid to do so. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for reading. Xo!

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