Lime Crime Lipsticks: Serpentina & Poisonberry- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers 🙂
Today’s featured products are 2 lipsticks from Lime Crime!!

These are 2 seasonal shades that will be returning on October 1st, 2013–
perfect for Halloween (:


Hi Unicorns (: Introducing 2 creative & statements lipsticks from the lovely folks from Lime Crime! Left: POISONBERRY and Right: SERPENTINA

IMG_2519First off, I’d like to state that I am a HUGE fan of the Lime Crime packaging! These lips are perfect for Halloween & events where you feel like you need to make a statement & wear a really bold lip! Or, if you like rocking colors on a day to day basis- these are some great ones! This lipsticks go on really smooth & are creamy– not a big fan of lipsticks that are very drying. The scent of these lipsticks is very similar to MAC lipsticks. I really do like the scent… it’ s not unpleasant at all. These lipsticks are indeed very opaque!


Serpentina:  is a dark emerald green with some green shimmer. It pretty much lives up to its Lime Crime-provided swatch & is very smooth, moisturizing. This lipstick is  highly pigmented & very easy to remove with some make-up remover.

Poisonberry: is a berry purple with pink undertones. It’s very pigmented, smooth & moisturizing . It leaves a nice stain on the lips when it’s worn off a bit. It’s a really beautiful color.

Over, I like the additions to the Lime Crime collection & I definitely recommend them!

PROS: pigmented, smooth & creamy



PRICING: $15.99



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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