Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Summer 2013 Lipstick & Lip Gloss- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers (:
Today’s featured products are a lip gloss & lip stick from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics!
MAY 205
MAY 206

This is the packaging for the Summer 2013 lip gloss!
This gloss is named FLAUNT. MAY 207
MAY 208
MAY 209
MAY 210I admire the different style packaging for this lip gloss.
The lip gloss is definitely sheer and can be worn alone or paired with any lip stick of your choice.
It does not have a sticky texture!

MAY 213this lip gloss does have a little shimmer, but it’s not too overwhelming.
swatch of the lip gloss named FLAUNT. 
MAY 214swatch blended out:)
MAY 217lip swatch of the lip gloss in FLAUNT.

MAY 222Featuring the summer 2013 lip stick from Youngblood Cosmetics!
MAY 223I love the simple packaging– I can distinguish it from all the other lip sticks I own.
MAY 224Here’s the beautiful lipstick. It’s such a pretty coral pink!
I believe that it’s definitely the perfect color for the spring and summer.
This lipstick can be worn during the day or night– it’ll look beautiful on you either way!
MAY 225
MAY 227swatch of the lip stick in DRAGON FRUIT.

MAY 233

MAY 246
Overall, I am very pleased with the lip gloss and lip stick. I’ve tried this color out on my clients and they absolutely love it! the texture of both the lipstick and lip gloss is fantastic. I think it’s worth every penny and I can’t wait to hear what you all think after trying out these products or other products for Youngblood Cosmetics.

PROS: amazing quality products, affordable, pigmented. 

CONS: none(:


Mighty Shine Lip Gel $25.00
dragon Fruit Lipstick- $19.00



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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FTC: Products were sent by company PR for review consideration. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

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