Rain Cosmetics Lashes, Lipstick, & Foundation Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers (:
Today’s featured products are  lashes, a lipstick, & a foundation.
Rain Cosmetics is a proud sponsor for MISS USA 2012, 2013!


IMG_2006These lashes are called TEASE.IMG_2005These lashes are called ATTENTION WHORE.
*These lashes can be worn & reused several times– I love quality, reusable falsies!

IMG_4871Featuring a lipstick called PRIVATE JET!



IMG_4875I am absolutely loving the packaging of these products!

IMG_1997This lipstick is gorgeous.
It’s called PRIVATE JET!

IMG_4876This lipstick feels great! It is so creamy & very moisturizing.
As for the color, it’s a pale, nude pink which can be worn for everyday!

IMG_4877swatch of the lovely lipstick— so light, I love it!

IMG_4881lip swatch:)






IMG_4884A drop of the foundation on my hand for you to see the color/shade (Golden Garter)
This foundation has an SPF 15— & covers amazingly!
This shade (Golden Garter) is perfect if you have warm olive undertones.

IMG_4885Partially blended out foundation.
IMG_4886fully blended out foundation! I love the flawless finish:)

Overall, I am so satisfied with what this company offers! The lashes are great quality, and can be re-used. The lipstick is packaged wonderfully– it’s one of a kind. The lipstick also goes on very smooth, & it’s creamy, moisturizing & definitely not drying to the lips! Rain Cosmetics offers a variety of matte or shimmer lip sticks. The foundation gives a flawless finish, & you don’t even need that much product to cover a full face! Absolutely loving the products this company has to offer!

*Rain Cosmetics also sells, eyeliner, eye shadows, brushes, mascara, brow gel, lip gloss, & a  lot more! Please check out their site if you’re even slightly interested– you will be AMAZED! 

PROS: affordable, quality make-up, lovely packaging!

CONS: none:)


lashes: $12.00
lipstick: $20.00
foundation: $28.00 (1.20fl.oz)



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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FTC: this was sent by company PR. I speak the truth & nothing but the truth.

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