Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers (:
Today’s featured product is the amazing Brow Pro Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

MAY 249Hello Everyone:)
This palette has been HIGHLY requested for review— & it is so AMAZING!
I recommend that if you’re a make-up artist & reading this…
you need to keep reading, & purchase right after; you won’t be disappointed!:)

MAY 250Featuring the beautiful packaged BROW PRO PALETTE from Anastasia.
This packaging is very sleek, black, with the Anastasia signature writing. MAY 252
MAY 253The essential eyebrow defining palette for professional makeup artists.
Features 6 shades of Anastasia’s signature Brow Powder Duos, professional Cream Brow Wax, and Concealer to define bold or natural brows.
Brow Powder Duos include a light and dark shade for perfect color matching.
Each pan consists of a lighter & a darker shade.

Shades Include:
Golden Blonde 
Medium Brown 
Dark Brown 
MAY 254This palette is very convenient for every make-up artist. It’s your go-to palette for your brows & your client’s brows. There is a variety of colors, therefore, you should be able to use this palette on any client. Overall, I honestly recommend it to every make-up artist who asks me about the staple products in my kit that I can’t live without. First off, having palettes in your kit or collection is WAY better than singles, as we all know. When this runs out, I will definitely be repurchasing. The powder is perfect, and makes your brows look natural. Please leave your comments/questions below, xoxo!

And I’ve uploading some of my looks & work using the brow pro palette:


maria 1

maria 4


PROS: affordable, perfect for all make-up artists, kit friendly, amazing!

CONS: none!:)





Here are 2 more reviews you might be interested in from Anastaia 🙂 Pretty Amazing!

I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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