2nd Love Cosmetics Glitzy Glam Eye Palettes- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers (:
Today’s featured products are 4 eye shadow palettes from 2nd Love Cosmetics!

These are the 4 palettes I’ll be featuring in this review!


IMG_4098And on to the review—

IMG_4099Pictured above is the Fire Goddess Eye Palette (:


IMG_4102I absolutely adore the bright colors in this palettes– these are very interesting, & nothing like I’ve seen before. I’m loving the use of different colors in each pan– gives the eyeshadow a double effect. These are dry, not cream eyeshadows that blend beautifully! This palette is perfect for spring & summer time!

IMG_4103These are swatches for the Fire Goddess Palette (: I have not used a primer before swatching– however, the colors are not super pigmented for example, Sugarpill, but they have the perfect pigmentation for the spring & summer… when you want to wear light colors on the lid!

IMG_4106Pictured above is the Blitz Glitz Eye Palette  (:


IMG_4113Again, these are dry eyeshadows, that blend effortlessly on your eyelids! Perfect for the spring & summer! Loving the pinks in this palette– and you can most definitely create day & night time looks with this palette! 🙂

IMG_4110Swatches for the Blitz Glitz Eye Palette (:

IMG_4111Pictured above is the Cali Sun Glitter Palette (:
These are not dry shadows– these are glitter bases! If you love glitter, these are most definitely for you!




IMG_4115Swatches for the Cali Sun Glitter Palette (:
These glitter shadows make a great, you can use them alone, or add shadows on top— you can always use these as liner too; just grab your favorite liner brush & apply!

IMG_4116Pictured above is the Rock n’ Roll Glitter Palette (:



IMG_4119Swatches for the Rock n’ Roll Glitter Palette (:
this is definitely my favorite palette! beautiful colors!

IMG_4124the downside of these palettes is that it’s a pain to remove the glitter 😦
it takes some patience & quite a bit of make-up remover!

**Overall, I do like the creativity that sets 2nd Love Cosmetics aside from other companies! The dry eye shadow are subtle & perfect if you’re not going for a super dramatic look! They wear well & stay on longer if you use a primer– but I’m sure most of us do, so that’s not much of a problem! All in all, they are comparable to NYX, slightly better, definitely give them a try! 🙂

PROS: pigmented, color variety, & so affordable!

CONS: hard to wipe off glitter!


PRICING: $4.99 each 



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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FTC: these products were sent for review consideration. i speak the truth, & nothing but the truth.

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