Urban Decay Vice Palette- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers (:
Today’s featured product is the Vice Palette from the amazing Urban Decay!
I purchased this palette as soon as I could from UD & I am loving it!!

IMG_3565This is a limited edition palette from Urban Decay that consists of 20 colors— definitely not your neutral colors, which makes it all the more fun! It’s beauty in a box! The Vice Palette has a sleek plastic case with a mirror inside. I really do like the new packaging compared to the Box of Shadows where they used cardboard, and the packaging before was never very travel friendly.
IMG_3566I seriously love the packaging of this palette— & just wait until you see the colors (:
IMG_3568These eye shadows are really pigmented.
The palette includes 17 shimmer colors and 3 matte colors.

IMG_3570ROW 1:
Desperation – A silvery gray taupe that has a iridescent sheen. Similar to Mushroom & Stray Dog.
Muse – A brown with a slightly pink/red undertone with a little bit of sparkle.
Jagged – This is the only color out of the 20 that I disliked. It’s got that gritty sparkle. Fall-out!
Blitz – I love this color! It’s a yellow-gold w/ a metallic finis & so smooth!
Penny Lane – A Peachy-Gold color with a metallic sheen. Reminds me of half-baked! I love it!

ROW 2:
Junkie – A teal emerald green with some gold shimmer! Definitely one of my favorites!
Chaos – A matte blue that appears to be brighter in the pan. Good color payoff.
Occupy – Dark Gray/Blue with silver sparkle. Reminded me of Gunmetal.
Unhinged – A teal/aqua color with a metallic finish! Reminds me of mermaids! LOVE!
Black Market – A Black/Brown color with some sheen.

IMG_3576Row 3:
Povacateur – A pink lavender with a silver sheen and some silver sparkle.
Rapture – A medium purple with sheen with no sparkle.
Vice – A beautiful purple with shimmer! I love it!
Noise – I love this pink color!!
Armor – Really reminds me of Pistol and Tease combined.

Row: 4
Nevermind – A medium gold/taupe with shimmer.
Echo Beach – A light tan/gold with shimmer.
Anonymous – An off-white matte.
Freebird – A light pink with itty bitty silver sparkle.
Laced – A pink/taupe matte.

**Overall, my favorite colors in the palette are Junkie, Unhinged, Blitz, Penny Lane, and Freebird — but I honestly do find myself using this palette! The only color I disliked was Jagged. I really enjoy having this in my collection! For 20 colors, it’s a great deal! I would recommend this palette for those who enjoy bright and fun colors. This is not your typical neutral palette.

PROS: sleek packaging, pigmented, color variety, cruelty free.

CONS: slightly pricey, no enough nude/matte colors for blending.


PRICING: $59.00



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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