Skinn by Dimitri James: Plasma Foundation & Brush- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers 🙂

Today’s featured products are the Plasma foundation from Skinn by Dmitri James!
watch my youtube video! this foundation made my january/february favorites! (: (starting at 13:35)

*According to SKINN-
“Plasma Foundations (SPF-8) have pigments so small that they exist in a plasma state encased in micro-bubbles of Argan, Rose Hips and Flax Seed Oils. They’re also packed with Omega 3, 6, 9 and 12 fatty acids, allowing these new pigments to suspend themselves over pores, imperfections and wrinkles. Plasma foundations will never crease, cake or clump, leaving you looking naturally flawless.”

IMG_3481I actually love the packaging– don’t own any foundation quite like this!
We all know it can be difficult finding your holy grail foundation, and deciding which shade to purchase. I have white skin– not porcelain, however, I am not tan. Typically, when I “try” to tan… let’s just say I burn! I’ve been using this foundation for about 3-4 weeks now, and I’m pretty obsessed and satisfied with this line–especially the foundation!
IMG_3483Skinn Foundations in “LIGHT” and “COOL BUFF” (:
There are 6 shades available!
I’ve definitely been using the light more than the cool buff- however, there are some days when I mix the both!
I love the medium-full coverage of the foundation! Skinn sells a brush for foundation use & I do love using it with this mousse textured foundation— however, my favorite way to apply this foundation is using any type of beauty blender or beauty sponge! Just remember, slightly dampen your sponge! The feeling of this foundation on my skin is great! I
IMG_3484swatches of the foundation—

IMG_3485swatches slightly blended0 not completely so that you can see the difference between color!


IMG_3337Definitely loving the “LIGHT” foundation (:

IMG_3339This brush sells for $25 on their site & leaves no streaks! The bristles are so soft & little to no shedding when I washed this brush (:

**Overall: This foundation has made it onto my TOP 5. The texture is amazing & looks like skin! Totally hides your imperfections and dark circles. My skin looks flawless all day up until I have to take it off and wash my face. It definitely is long-lasting. Since spring is near, I don’t necessarily like to use powder on my face. I will apply a face primer, cream/mousse or liquid foundation, and then cream blush & highlighter for that natural glow– yet totally full coverage 🙂

PROS: matte foundation, lasts long, blendable, great texture.


Available in 6 different shades!


Skinn Plasma Foundation- $28 (16 g)
No Streak Plasma Brush- $25



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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