Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers (:
Today’s featured products are the brush cleaners from Parian Spirit!

** watch my jan/feb favorites video featuring the Parian Spirit brush cleaner!

IMG_3413Featuring Parian Spirit Brush Cleaners. The packaging is great, nothing special. However, I love the formula & the scent. I have used many brush cleaners in my lifetime. From cheap drugstore brands to Cinema Secrets, Beauty So Clean, & now Parian Spirit. Of course, I love all the other brands as well. But I love Parian Spirit as well for a few other reasons. Typically, you should wash your brushes at least 1-2 times a week. I use mine too often, therefore I wash them 3-4 times a week. However, during the weekends when I’m busy & working in the salon… I won’t have time to wash my brushes & have them dry in between clients. Therefore, I have to “spot” clean my brushes. This is where brush cleaners come into play.

IMG_3414Parian Spirit offers 3 different sizes for their brush cleaner formula:
Above is the 8 oz size & below is the 2 oz. spray bottle, however,
they also sell the 16 oz. bottle.
Parian Spirit is known to maintain your brushes for a lifetime. The formula contains no harsh chemicals. It has a very crisp citrus smell, my clients can smell the scent in some of my brushes! What I love the absolute most is that it really does remove all the product off of my brushes. From eyeliner, to glitter, to all eye shadows. Parian Spirit cleans, disinfects, & conditions your brushes.
IMG_3415 I like to keep a spray bottle of brush cleaner in my travel make-up kit & keep the larger size at home (or in a different place) & only use the larger size to refill the spray bottle. I am in love with this cleaner because it dissolves all types of makeup— yes all types! Powder, liquid, wax based & adhesive, also glitter! And, also conditions the brush hair. Parian Spirit does not damage the paint or wooden handle of a brush either. It’s a great spot cleanser, & it dries quickly.IMG_3416


** purchase the brush cleaning system (all 3 products) for only $23 🙂

Overall, I know that I will be purchasing the brush cleaner over & over again, due to the fact that it works just as great as my all time favorite Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, however, this one is a little cheaper. I love the citrus scent & I must say, it is not overpowering at all. Whenever I use this to spot clean my brushes, it leaves them in the same original shape & looking soft & clean. This brush cleaner with remove any color eye shadow off of your brushes— from the lightest pink to the darkest black! I have so many uses for the Parian Spirit brush cleaner. I am not disappointed, I am overly satisfied & pleased with this amazing company! I use this almost daily & I love it! 5 STARS!

PROS: smells great, like the packaging, cleans & dry fast!

CONS: none!


*you can also purchase at the Make-Up Show LA & IMATS 🙂

2 oz. brush cleaner -$6.50
8 oz. brush cleaner – $12.00
brush cleaning jar – $7.50



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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