HBL Volumizing Hair Care Line- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers (:
Today’s featured products are the HBL Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, along with a  hair mask.
These happened to make it into my favorites video for February! 🙂
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn0fT2NdrEs (watch it please)

IMG_3373I am proud to say that I am loving these hair products!
I have been using ENJOY religiously for about a year now.
However, I gave these a shot!
*Compared to the ENJOY line, I found that I really like the consistency of HBL shampoo & conditioner more than ENJOY shampoo & conditioner because the consistency is not as thick compared to ENJOY.

IMG_3375I was able to try out this no brand, & I am loving it. These products cost less when you purchase them in a trio ($62) compared to purchasing them individually. This line is the volumizing line, however, they also carry a clarifying line, etc. These products are completely color safe. My hair was very long up until a few weeks ago, & I had it cut, yet wasn’t so happy with the fact that it wasn’t very “full” looking as it was before. My hair lacked volume. I can’t say that I don’t like my hair shorter, but it was in need of some help. HBL comes into play. I’ve been using it for a month, and let me tell you. I love it. Typically, I can tell whether I like a product or not within about 6 times of usage. I am pleased to say that after many uses, I’m in love!
IMG_3376I wash my hair about 3-4 times a week using the shampoo & conditioner.
Remember, you can use the shampoo on your scalp & throughout every inch of your hair.
However, you SHOULD NOT apply the conditioner on your scalp.
That will weigh your hair down & you will never achieve the volume you’re looking for.
Conditioner should be applied to your ends & you can most definitely work it up to about mid shaft! 
IMG_3377All of HBL’s products are pH balanced
shampoo: 4.5-5.5
conditioner: 3.5-4.5

Volumizing Shampoo:
love the texture, smells amazing, & my hair doesn’t feel brittle.
i can definitely see an increase in volume after blow drying & even without blow drying.
Retails for $6.95, $29.95 and $89.95 HERE
Volumizing Conditioner:
love the texture, smells amazing, my hair is so smooth after washing, definitely helps add volume.
Retails for $7.95, $29.95 and $89.95 HERE
Volumizing Hair Mask: 
love the smell, i love a thick texture with masks.
comes with a comb, & makes it easier to spread the product in my hair.
Retails for $9.95 and $39.95 HERE
Overall, I really am in love with these products. I think I will continue to use these until I run out. If you don’t know me, I use ENJOY religiously & this line is practically a sister company. Since I love both lines, I assure you that i will be going back & forth between HBL & ENJOY every time I run out.


Purchase the HBL Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner & you will receive —–
a free HBL Hair Masque (a $39.95 value)  for ONLY $62.90 HERE 🙂 it’s a steal!


HBL comb

PROS: love the smell, great texture for shampoo & conditioner, really works, adds volume
CONS: none! 


http://www.hblhaircare.com/volumizing-hair-care-system.html ($62.90) all 3 products!



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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FTC: this products were sent to me by company PR. these are my honest opinions.

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