Clipless Curling Iron (Wand) from ISO Beauty :)

Hey Readers 🙂
Today’s featured post is a curling wand from ISO Beauty!

Before we get started with my review, if you would like to see more than just make-up, & the occasional skin care,
let me know what else you’d like to see by leaving a comment below!! Thank you & enjoy! 🙂

IMG_3380This is a curling wand from ISO Beauty:
The size of this wand is 18/25 mm. It is a tapered wand.

IMG_3385Love that it’s zebra print, but if you’re not a fan, there are other designs as well.



Typically, my hair is naturally wavy with some frizz at times.
The night before I used this wand. I washed my hair & blow-dried it.
The following morning, I styled my hair using this curling wand from ISO Beauty.
And this is what it looks like…

IMG_3007I absolutely love how defined my curls are.
And if you’re wondering, no I am not wearing any extensions. I never have used them.
And this is also my natural hair color, never been colored.

IMG_3015Overall, this was my 1st time trying to curl my hair with a wand. I love the fact that ISO beauty includes a heat protective glove for you to put on as you curl  your own hair because the iron heats up fast & get really hot. The iron is very standard, not many settings. Just an on and off switch, no temperature. This iron is perfect for my long & thick hair, however, I am sure that if your hair is shorter than mine, it will look just as good. I also love that the curling iron has a long cord and the curling iron swivels.

Before curling my hair, I just used a heat protectant spray from Tresemme. I truly love the effect of the curls.
They are bouncy, and they were also very long lasting.

Due to the fact that I loved my hair so much, I used this iron to curl my hair for IMATS!
Loved it & I got so many compliments & everyone was asking about where they can purchase!
Truly pleased with the outcome & I definitely recommend this iron!


PROS: comes with a glove, heats up quickly,  450 temperature (that’s really hot)
lifetime warranty, 100% tourmaline, & frizz control
CONS: no light switch

if you’re a shopper, i see them for sale all the time!
keep an eye out!

use my coupon code:
ISO69. you can purchase the amazing wand for only $69 🙂
such a great deal!! 



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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