Beauty So Clean Conditioning Brush Cleanser- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers 🙂
Today’s featured product is the Beauty So Clean “Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend” Conditioning Brush Cleanser 🙂


Beauty So Clean has surprised me once again! As I was at IMATS in Pasadena in January, I stopped at their booth… the intoxicating smell of chocolate filled their booth. Why? You must ask. Because they were cleaning make-up brushes with their newest product… a chocolate scented conditioning brush cleanser! My brushes smell so good!


The very first brush cleaner I ever tried was from Cinema Secrets & that made my brushes smell like cupcakes… now that I’m out of my Cinema Secrets brush cleanser, it’s great to be using a different brush cleanser with a different scent.


The best part about clean brushes is when your client starts to crave chocolate as you’re applying their make-up! 🙂


Who doesn’t want clean & yummy smelling make-up brushes? 🙂 Thank you Beauty So Clean!

PROS: lovely scent for brushes, affordable, love the packaging!
CONS: none! 


PRICING: $8.99 (60 ml)



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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4 thoughts on “Beauty So Clean Conditioning Brush Cleanser- Photos & Review :)

    • marialily

      it’s truly amazing! i love it, & it’s not that expensive & works a lot better than the more expensive brands! give it a try when you have the chance (:

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