Julep: It Girl Nail Polishes- Photos & Review :)

Hey Readers πŸ™‚ Today’s featured post are 3 nail polishes from Julep!!
Become a MAVEN girl today! http://www.julep.com/maven.html

I’ve been trying out the Julep nail polishes for a few weeks now, & as you all now, I like to spend some quality time with the products before I review them. After using them for some time now, I’m actually liking them! Typically, my go to nail polishes were from OPI or China Glaze… and I think I’ve found Julep to be an addition to my collection! :))I definitely admire the color selection that Julep offers: I love the darker & more neutral shades compared to the crazy neon colors that I probably wouldn’t purchase unless it was for a certain event! I like that with many of the nail polishes, I only need to apply one coat of polish, and that’s good enough for me if I’m in a hurry. However, with any nail polish, I like to apply my base coat, 2 coats of color, and top coat! Most of the colors offered by Julep apply opaquely in just one coat, I find I get better wear if I still apply two thin coats instead.
I actually am pretty satisfied with the packaging of the nail polishes, I’m just not as satisfied with the brush. The bottle is tall and narrow, which is fine with me, but the brush is so long, that at times, you might just get a small blob of polish on your nails as you’re painting them, so I would suggest that you try to wipe the brush on the side of the bottle before applying to your nails! I love the consistency of the polish! Great drying time, and doesn’t chip for me until a few days later. Some nail polishes chip within a few hours! 😦
I can definitely agree with many of you… the price per polish at $14, can be a little expensive, therefore, I hope to encourage you to go on to the website, and become a MAVEN girl! the site is so easy to search. Take a quick quiz. Look out for promos and discounts if $14 is too pricy for you! However, I am saying that you MUST try out these polishes! I’ve purchased like 6, and I will keep going! They make the cutest presents & stocking stuffers, and they’re just amazing!

DAPHNE- this is a beautuful green/blue color with a creme finish!

Picture 053

Picture 054

Picture 068
OTTE- this is a neutral color (beige/camel) creme color!

Picture 066

Picture 067

Picture 074

Picture 070 Picture 073

Overall, I really like this nail polishes! I love that the polish dries not too long after you apply it! Sure the price point can be a little much, but I recommend that you look out for promos and discounts! These polishes are worth the money! I love the pop of color!

PROS: love the colors & lasts before it chips!
CONS: can be pricy!



Use the PROMO code: JULEPVIP,
to get your first Intro box for just a penny, that’s right, a penny πŸ™‚

PRICING: $14.00 (regular price)
or $11.20 if you become a MAVEN girl!
check out the website for more info!



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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