OCC Metallurgy 2012 Holiday Collection Lip Tars :) Photos & Review

Hey Readers! Today’s featured products are the OCC Metallurgy Holiday Lip Tar Collection! 🙂

I was recently introduced to a website: www.lecosmetique.com 🙂
This website sells OCC lip tars, Z-Palettes, and a lot more! Please check out their site!

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IMG_3026OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) came out with 6 amazing new lip tars… and guess what, they are all METALLIC, perfect for the holidays and for photoshoots… I love using them for photoshoots! *A great tip for you is just remember to moisturize your lips before you apply a lip tar!
Lip tars are a little different then lipsticks; it’s pretty much pure pigment in liquid form! Love the formula of the lip tars… a little goes a long way! These tubes last me forever!

IMG_3029SUPER NSFW– metallic sequel to NSFW (RED)
So first off, this is my favorite lip tar of the 6 included in this collection! It is the perfect red and matches my skin complexion perfectly! This is a slightly warmer version of the original NSFW lip tar, and this one contains a metallic finish! This color is perfect for the holidays, and winter/fall!

IMG_3031ELECTRIC GRANDMA – metallic sequel to Grandma (CORAL)
Haha, right? Gotta love the name & we know you love it too! This is a beautiful coral with pink undertones. I think this coral lip tar would be beautiful to wear during the spring/summer! The shimmer particles are so visible, I love wearing this!

IMG_3033YAOI– metallic sequel to Anime (FUCHSIA/PINK)
This lip tar is so SO bright! I think it’s a beautiful color to wear during the summertime! Yaoi is a bright, cool pink! Yes, it’s way brighter than Anime for those who are wondering! Keep your eye make-up very natural, and apply this bold pink lip tar 🙂 You will look amazing!

IMG_3035TRIPTYCH-  metallic goldish/ yellow (perfect for mixing with non-metallic lip tars)
This is the goldest lipstick I have ever seen… not eve n sure if I have ever seen a gold lipstick! But, if you ever need one, this lip tar is the one you need to pick up! I could never wear this color alone, but I definitely suggest that you mix it with a cool color lip tar for a more warmer look!

IMG_3037AUTHENTIC- metallic bronze/copper color
This is a beautiful bronze color… never seen anything like it. Beautiful lip color for the fall! My friend purchased this lip tar and wears it to work almost like everyday… she claims that she’s not even through a 1/4 of the tube… yet it’s her all time favorite! It’s a neutral shade, you can also mix it up with another lip tar!  Love the metallic sheen on this one!

IMG_3039ICED- metallic white lip tar (great for mixing with other colors)
I do not suggest that anyone wear this alone… it’s just not that appealing. However, “ICED” is a perfect go to lip tar if you want to mix it with another lip tar. This color is very sheer, and I was told that it’s meant for you to layer it on top of another color. Definitely something I needed to hear! It’s got some silver shimmer particles… this looked amazing mixed with another lip tar from OCC called “CHA CHA” and “FEMME” 🙂

IMG_3041swatches of all 6 lip tars from the holiday collection!

IMG_3044brush that comes with the purchase of a lip tar 🙂

Overall, I loved that OCC decided to come out with a holiday collection that included shades with a metallic finish vs. a matte finish! I love OCC lip tars in general because you can mix them up and create your own lip color that suits your complexion. As a make-up artist, I love using lip tars! They really do show up on camera! They are amazing!

As for Le Cosmetique, please do spend a few minutes of your day & check out their website! They sell so many great products that are my absolute favorites! Such as Graftobian Products, etc.

PROS: long lasting, super pigmented, 
CONS: none! 


PRICING: $16 (.33 fl oz)



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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***Leave a comment below letting us know your favorite lip tar… from this collection or one that you own or have heard of 🙂 XOXO

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