♥Lorac Eyeshadows- Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio- Starlet :)

Hey Friends! Check out my review on this beautiful eyeshadow trio from Lorac Cosmetics!

I absolutely admire the packaging! Black is so elegant!

What I love the most about this eyeshadow trio is that it is small, yet filled with a lot of product! I’ve been using my mini palette almost every day for the past month, & you can’t go wrong! I’m the girl who always forgets that I’m wearing eyeshadow sometimes, therefore I like wearing neutral colors on a day to day basis, & this is just perfect for me! I’ve got 3 colors to work with, a highlight color for my inner corner and brow bone, another color for my lid, & a darker color for the outer v!

These colors really are gorgeous! Perfect for fall… & even any time of the year!

2 pictures showing you the quality of these shadows, one without the flash & one with the flash!

Overall, I have come to realize that I love Lorac Cosmetics. This trio was to die for… my instagram followers want this! You honestly can’t go wrong! I promise you! This baked eyeshadow is very smooth, almost buttery feeling… & so amazingly pigmented! The product is shimmery, but unlike some companies, the texture of the eyeshadow is NOT chunky or gritty feeling at all. These colors are truly amazing! You can create a natural eye look or a smokey eye look with this trio! It is so versatile. Personally, the highlight (lighter color of the 3) is my absolute favorite! I reach for this color all the time now! I love that the brown & black are so pigmented that I can use them as eyeliners as well!

These colors are so easy to blend. This trio is really worth it! Perfect for all ages and all skin tones, & types. Very pigmented, great texture, and long lasting! I can wear these shadows without a primer. There is so much product it will last me forever! A+ LORAC. In love with your products! 🙂

AVAILABILITY: http://www.loraccosmetics.com/

PRICING: $26.00



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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