♥oblong blending sponge & fan brush from qosmedix :)

Size: 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches
Material: Latex free Polyurethane Foam
Packaging: Individually wrapped
Price: $1.95 each

the oblong blending sponge is great for applying liquid or cream foundation!
using this sponge or the original beauty blender will create a flawless application!
however, compared to the original beauty blender, this is a whole lot cheaper & works wonders!

Kabuki Fan Brush
Goat Hair
$2.50 each

  This Kabuki Fan Brush, can be used for blush, powder, bronzer, & even highlighter.
Not only is it wonderful for its remarkable 2-in-1 transformational powers,
but it distributes pigment on your skin both evenly, & smoothly.

This site is great for pro make-up artists, since they provide supplies such as applicators for artists to use on clients. They’ve got a lot of affordable products, but many products need to have a minimum orders like at least 500 to 1000 per package. If you are not a pro or own a beauty store, it can be hard. You have to make an account and give them your social number for tax purpose because this is a supplier online shop for beauty companies. Minimum order is always at least $25, which is not bad at all. Shipping is quite expensive though $11, with adjustment depending on weight. Also, one thing that I really like from them is they provide free samples on a lot of products (not for Pro makeup brushes). You can receive samples with free shipping!

AVAILABILITY: http://www.qosmedix.com/

PRICING: oblong blending sponge: $1.95 each & fan brush: $2.50 each


I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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