♥Milani Instant Make-Up Remover Review :)

Hey Everyone!
Check out my review on the NEW Milani Instant Make-Up Remover!

before make-up remover was applied —–

after make-up remover was applied!

Have you ever had the experience of using an eyeliner… or even eyeshadow that lasts all day the way you want, & then, when it’s time to remove the eye make-up, it’s the most challenging thing ever! Well, check out this NEW make-up remover from Milani! This make-up remover will take off any unwanted make-up! Recently, removing my mascara has been a breeze… no more tugging! I always used to use make-up remover wipes & baby oil to remove my make-up & then cleanse my face & recently, I just apply this make-up remover & then cleanse with my Murad products!

Overall, this stuff works like a charm 🙂 It even removes waterproof eyeliner & mascara. This product is oil, silicone & scent free!

How to Use: I like to shake up my bottle & pour some of the formula onto a cotton pad. I start with my eyes, & then I get another cotton pad & swipe my face a few times!

This is my go-to make-up remover & I love that it does not leave my face oily at all! It’s only $5.99, great price! If you’re looking for a very affordable make-up remover, you can definitely pick this one up! It won’t disappoint!

The only negative is that the make-up remover is currently only available online, but hopefully, it will be available in stores soon! 🙂


AVAILABILITY: http://www.milanicosmetics.com/p-151-instant-eye-makeup-remover.aspx?PC=10



I hope this review was helpful! Have an amazing day!
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