♥Coastal Scents Divine Gel Eyeliner Review & Photos- Raven :)

Hey Everyone! So I received this Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner to review! The eyeliner that I am reviewing is called “RAVEN.” Coastal Scents offers 5 different colors in the Divine Collection! Each Liner costs $9.95, however, you can purchase a set for only $39.95 & that is the current sale price! 🙂

This eyeliner is very creamy & has a great consistency! The packaging is great, includes a nice detachable brush that you can use to apply the eyeliner with! This is a long lasting gel eyeliner that does not fade or smudge! It dries very quickly & it’s waterproof!

* Overall, I really do like this eyeliner & I am looking forward to the package that I ordered of different liners! I really do think this is a great eyeliner! A black/brown eyeliner that does not smudge & lasts a long time is the perfect eyeliner for me 🙂

What is your current favorite eyeliner? Leave me a comment! I’d love to try new products 🙂

Coastal Scents Divine
Gel Eyeliner- RAVEN
Price $9.95
Availability http://www.coastalscents.com/makeup/eyes-100/liner/gel-eyeliners.html
Pigmentation 5/5
Texture Creamy
Dupes ELF cream/gel liners
Release Date Available Now
Colors 5 different colors: Green, Blue, Black, Light Brown, Brown
pigmented 😀 need more than 5 colors!!
smudgeproof & waterproof
doesn’t smudge or crease
I hope this review helped & I hope you have a wonderful day!!
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