♥Lime Crime Palette D’Antoinette Review :)

Hey Everyone! You guys ready for another Lime Crime review? So, this is an eyeshadow palette from Lime Crime with 5 pastel colors. This palette was inspired by the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. This palette comes in a beautiful purple tin, & the colors are named:

Royal Flush – pastel pink (matte)
Absinthe-Minded – light green (matte)
Macarooned – peach (matte)
Ribbonesque – lavender (matte)
Mercurious – metallic silver (sparkle)

These shadows are vegan & cruelty free! This palette is actually pretty awesome! With every swatch, the colors are so pigmented & when you apply them to the lid, they are true to color! As for texture, very velvety, smooth, & creamy… & really easy to blend! If you want a palette with matte & opaque colors, you should save that $$ & get this palette! 4/5 colors are matte, & the metallic silver eyeshadow is one of my favorite colors in the palette!

Overall, I feel like this palette is worth the price you pay! The price is $34,99, and if you divide it with 5 (5 shadows), each pan costs around $7. I am so excited to try out some more palettes! I’m sure I won’t be disappointed! I think this is great palette for summer, when you don’t want to use heavy, bold colors.

Lime Crime Palette D’Antoinette
Pressed Eyeshadows Review
Price $34.99
Availability http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/
Pigmentation bright & opaque shadows
Texture 4 matte colors & 1 metallic color
Dupes n/a
Release Date Available Now
Colors pink, green, orange, purple, silver
pigmented & bright pastel colors i want more pastel colors! 🙂
matte & metallic colors!
easy to blend!
I hope this review was helpful! Have an amazing day!
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