♥PixiGlow Straight on Till Morning Liner -Golden Green :)

Hey Everyone! Check out this amazing PixiGlow eyeliner! This stuff is just as pigmented as an MAC or Nars eyeliner! It’s such a pretty golden green color too! This eyeliner is creamy, smooth & definitely blendable!

Straight on Till Morning Liner is a glimmering shade of olive green with a hint of gold. This is one of those shades that makes my blue eyes look amazing! I love green shades!

Of course, the fact that Tink is featured on both the outer box packaging & on the pencil itself helps my case too! I just love the idea of Tinkerbell being a face for make-up, & I’m sure you could agree 🙂

If you haven’t tried Pixi Eyeliners, I highly suggest starting with this one. Great shade & great packaging!

PixiGlow Straight on Till Morning Liner
Golden Green
Price $15.00
Availability Target, http://www.pixibeauty.com/pixiglow/straight-on-till-morning-liner
Pigmentation pigmented & lasts for several hours!
Texture smooth golden green eyeliner with shimmers
Dupes N/A
Release Date Available Now
Colors Golden Green
Pigmented can be a pricey for those on a beauty budget!
love this color 🙂 i want this in more colors!
I hope this review was helpful! Have an amazing day!
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