♥PixiGlow Magic Tink Tint Review :)

Hey Everyone! So I recently got the Pixi Glow Magic Tink Tint! Let me just tell you guys that this stuff is literally AMAZING! Just so you guys know, the Pixi creation is a collaboration of Disney… therefore you get the cutest Tinkerbell packaging! This is pretty much a gel crayon that tints your lips, matching your pH levels. The ultra-moisturizing lip balm glides effortlessly onto lips, reacting to your lips’ pH level to deliver a perfectly personalised pink tint – just like magic 🙂

Packaging: The Magic Tink Tint in Happy Thoughts Pink comes in a cute little cardboard box with lots of roses & leaves & of course Tinker Bell’s silhouette in pink and her “signature”. The lip itself is a sweet soft pink, but it applies clear until it recognises your lips’ skin’s pH level & responds to that. If you were to swatch it on the back of your hand you can watch it change color! It’s pretty cool.

Overall, it’s not sticky, or greasy, & it’s moisturizing! It’s got shea butter too! I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t necessarily like wearing lipstick, or lip gloss, but I love applying items like lip balm to my lips, so this is my new accessory for my daily make-up! So, what do you guys think? Would you guys give this product a go?

Pixi Glow
Magic Tink Tint
Price $16.00
Availability Target, http://www.pixibeauty.com/makeup/pixiglow
Pigmentation color alters based on your pH levels!
Texture glides onto your lips!
Dupes N/A
Release Date Available Now
super cool product! 🙂 can be a little expensive for those on a beauty budget!
i feel like it plumps my lips!
& it has shea butter to moisturize!
I hope this review was helpful! Have an amazing day!
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