♥Lime Crime “Cherry On Top” Lip Gloss Swatches & Review :)

Hey Everyone! Check out this lovely lip gloss from Lime Crime! It’s called Cherry On Top, & it’s a pink reddish gloss, & there’s some light sparkle in there too! This gloss is super pigmented! I was surprised to see that the lip gloss is so bright & intense! You can wear this lip gloss alone, or over a lipstick, preferably red or pink!! Lime Crime has about 7 shades & they are very unique!

Overall, I do recommend this lip gloss, you should check out the website to see the other glosses Lime Crime offers & other cosmetic products as well! I must add that I absolutely love the packaging of Lime Crime! Way too adorable! The glosses are opaque! If you like to colors that stand out… you should invest in these bold glosses! Give them a go! 🙂

Lime Crime “Cherry On Top”
Lip Gloss 🙂
Price $16.99
Availability http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/
Pigmentation bright & really pigmented!
Texture smooth, with some sparkles
Dupes N/A
Release Date Available Now
Color hot pink/looks red 🙂 7 colors to choose from!
pigmented & long lasting pricey for a lip gloss if you’re on a budget!
yummy scent! (vanilla) lip gloss is slightly sticky!
I hope this review was helpful! Have an amazing day!
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3 thoughts on “♥Lime Crime “Cherry On Top” Lip Gloss Swatches & Review :)

  1. marialily

    it really does look amazing on the lips! i forgot to post that picture! 😦 it is so pigmented & lasts forever! you girls should really check out the lime crime site 🙂

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