♥Sedona Lace Vortex Professional Make-Up Brushes, Review & Photos :)

Hey Everyone! So I recently got a brush set from Sedona Lace that comes with 13 brushes. This brush set was designed by Renelyn Monteloyola of Makeup by Ren Ren for Sedona Lace. This professional line of brushes takes makes your make-up application so much easier! All of these brushes have multi-uses. This brush set comes with 4 Face Brushes, 8 Eye Brushes, & 1 Lip Brush! All of these brushes can be purchased individually, however, I think that if you buy the actually set, you will end up saving money!

I have washed these brushes a few times & I have seen very little shedding, if any. These brushes are so soft & I definitely recommend them for anyone who loves makeup, aspiring make-up artists, & working MUAs. Overall, I think this is an amazing brush set & I hope you take the time to scroll down & look at the brushes individually, as well as read my descriptions of each brush 🙂

Tulip Contour Face Brush- FB 03 (retails for $14.95 if purchased separately)
This is actually a great contour brush! It is such a soft brush as well! I know MAC has a similar brush, but this one by far beats it… & it’s so much cheaper! You can use this brush for blush, bronzer, contouring, etc. You can blend so easily with this brush!

Dome Contour Face Brush- FB 05 (retails for $12.95 if purchased separately)
I pick up this brush to contour & highlight! It is a pretty dense brush… I prefer to use this brush with only powder products, I have not yet tried to apply my foundation with it, onyly because I love to apply my foundation with a sponge or my new favorite… a BEAUTY BLENDER!

Jumbo Fan Face Brush- FB 01 (retails for $12.95 if purchased separately)
This fan brush is the most dense fan brush I have ever seen in my life! & it has so many different uses. I love to use this brush to apply my highlight, shimmering powder, bronzer, blush, etc. I just adore this brush! Definitely worth it all around!

Flat Top Buffer Face Brush- FB 07 (retails for $14.95 if purchased separately)
I used this brush on one of my clients to apply her foundation… & let’s just say that her skin looked flawless. This brush is dense & you have so much control! This brush is definitely worth it!

Universal Blender Eye Brush- EB 09 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
This brush is a similar dupe to the MAC 217, it works just as great & this brush is more affordable. This is a great blending brush! Another dupe would be the Sigma E25! If you love make-up… this brush is necessary! Definitely a must have in your kit! The only downside to this brush is that it does stain easily… goat hairs, so keep it clean!

Flat Synthetic Eye Brush- EB 11 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
I use this brush to apply concealer & correctors.
I just recently have been using it to apply shadow some times & it works great as well!

Synthetic Blender Eye Brush- EB 13 (retails for $8.95)
I love this brush for both blending out concealers & correctors, as well as blending out eyeshadows. This brush is definitely dense & soft, you won’t have trouble blending out anything.

Pointed Crease Eye Brush- EB 15 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
I use this brush to apply some shadow to my crease.
Sometimes, I will also use this brush to blend out crease colors.

Brow/Spoolie Duo- EB 17 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
The angled brush in this duo brush is so densely packed. One of my favorite brushes in the set! I love the fact that there’s a spoolie as well. You can use the spoolie to come your eyebrows, comb out your mascara clumps, as well as blend out & smooth the harsh lines in your brows after filling them in!

Bent Eyeliner Brush- EB 19 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
This bent eyeliner brush is one of my many faves as well! A dupe for this brush is the Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush, but this is fairly cheap, so I recommend this one! Do you have trouble creating a smooth winged cat eye? This brush will solve your problems! My favorite brush to apply cream & gel eyeliner!

Detailed Shader Eye Brush EB 21 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
This is my least favorite brush in the set. For some reason, I found this brush useless.
However, I decided to start using it to apply shadow on the brow bone or shadow in the tearducts.

Angled Detail Eye Brush- EB 23 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
This is a great brush as well. You can definitely use this brush for your brows as well.
Also, this brush works well to create winged eyeliner looks.
As well as applying drop shadow on your lower lash line!

Capped Lip Brush- LB 25 (retails for $8.95 if purchased separately)
I throw this in my purse when I’m on the go!
It’s hard to wash the lip stains off of this brush, but I guess that means my cosmetics have staying power!

12 out of the 13 brushes are amazing & I love them all! I definitely recommend this brush set!
This brush set gets sold out quickly, so buy one when you get the chance!

Sedona Lace Vortex Professional
Make-Up Brush Set 🙂
Price $79.95 including the brush belt or $69.95 without the brush belt.
Availability http://www.sedonalace.com/
Dupes Sigma & MAC (however, these brushes are just as amazing & cheaper)
Quality Brushes are incredibly soft!
Brushes are numbered!
Brushes are densely packed! You can only purchase online!
Brushes are versatile
5 STARS! 🙂
13 brushes for 69.95-79.95=
I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day! Please leave your comments & I will answer them ASAP! Thank you!
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2 thoughts on “♥Sedona Lace Vortex Professional Make-Up Brushes, Review & Photos :)

  1. fancieland

    This is a very nice set and review! I received the EB13 blending brush for free with one of my orders and fell in love. I’m so glad the rest of their brushes are so nice. I think I really want this set

    • marialily

      i would definitely recommend that you buy this 🙂 i used this brush set on my prom clients! one of the girls bought the brush set the day after!

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