♥Urban Decay- Book of Shadows (IV) Review & Swatches :)

please don’t mind my natural brows, they are naturally 2 toned!

Hey Everyone! 😀 Check out this palette from Urban Decay for ONLY $29! This palette comes with 16 eye shadows, a full size waterproof eyeliner, a travel size mascara, & a primer! The palette has some browns & neutral shades, but also has purples & blues, smokey shades… You will be able to create so many looks! This palette also comes with a speaker, & a card for you to log on the website & watch tutorials so that you can create different looks!

Overall, I think this palette is well worth what you pay for! Originally, this palette was $64, & I’m glad I got it for cheaper! There is a bit of fall out, but that happens a lot sometimes, especially if the shadows are soft. I love the eyeliner that comes with this palette. It is waterproof, however, I apply the eyeliner & I like to go over it with a matte eyeshadow, a good one is “carbon” from MAC. By doing that, it last longer, doesn’t smudge, & gives a matte finish. The mascara is great as well. It definitely lengthens your lashes & gives a little bit of volume!

UD Book of Shadows-
Volume IV
Price $29.00
Availability http://www.urbandecay.com/
Pigmentation Really Pigmented
Texture Smooth & Silky
Dupes N/A
Release Date Available Now
Colors 16 colors that blend easily

Pigmented & Blend Easily Packaging is somewhat bulky!
16 colors to choose from Glitter eye shadows leave fall out!
You get a lot for what you pay for!
I hope this review helped & have a wonderful day!


Maria Somo

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