Image**Graftobian High Definition Glamour Creme.

Hi Everyone!! So, I recently just bought 3 cream foundation palettes from the Make-Up Show in LA & these Graftobian Palettes are just amazing! I am a certified professional MUA (Make-Up Artist) and this foundation is amazing. A palette comes with 18 different shades. I have 3, so that is 54 differnet shades. Graftobian sells the palettes in Warm, Cool & Neutral. The palette retails for almost $70, and that is pretty cheap. It is a staple to have in your kit for all you make-up artists out there! It really looks like skin in HD Photography & on a day-to-day basis. It can be used as a tinted moisturizer if you mix it with any moisturizer. I personally like using the MAC Face & Body Foundation. You will get FULL coverage if you use it in the cream state, but you can mix it with a moisturizer & you will get more of a sheer coverage, but thee good thing is that you can build up on it. A little goes a long way. Make sure you powder after you apply the foundation so that it does not crease! This cream foundation is perfect on teens, men & elderly. The best thing about these palettes is that you don’t have to carry so many different bottles of foundation like you would with MAC & MUFE, Graftobian has put them into palettes & therefore you have more room again! Will definitely purchase again 🙂

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